We know and embrace the fact that it is every parent’s expectation to work with a school nurse that both understands their child’s unique physiological needs and is able to address those needs in an exemplary manner.  These needs are charted in an Individualized Healthare Plan (IHP) for every student that has a documented health challenge and/or diagnosis, and the entire team is expected to know and understand the IHP and to incorporate those documented needs into their services.  A child’s physical safety is our most fundamental concern and that consideration starts with our nursing staff.

Nursing staff at KLC is responsible for educating the team so that they understand the physiological and related emotional, educational and developmental impact of a student’s health status.  Where appropriate, nurses make recommendations as to how best to adjust instruction in order to maximize opportunities for learning, regardless of the setting.  Interaction with the family and community-based providers is a primary responsibility of the nursing team at KLC.  All health information is treated with confidentiality and only shared with those individuals with a true “need to know.”  Student education is another focal point for our nurses as they assist the team in helping the student understand the nature of his or her own medical challenges and in accepting responsibility for those challenges.  KLC’s approach assumes that participation across the continuum can occur if the proper precautions and strategies are put in place that facilitate a student’s ability to function more independently with age.

Of course, children are children, and sometimes things do happen in the course of a school day.  Children may present with a cold or other minor illness.  Our nursing staff is both able and quick to respond in these situations ensuring the best care for your child.  They will communicate with you to keep you abreast of the situation and make collaborative decisions about necessary steps.