In the educational programs, KLC takes a very proactive approach to positive behavior support initiatives.  A significant amount of training is provided to all staff members every year, and our behavioral support staff, led by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), is an integrated component of every team across the continuum of services.

Our approach seeks to ensure that problematic behaviors are prevented in the first place whenever possible.  This is accomplished by addressing a variety of external factors such as adjustments to the physical environment or of the manner in which a lesson is being taught.  Sometimes behaviors cannot be avoided, and in those situations, KLC’s responsibility is to identify the behaviors early on, understand them within context and create effective strategies that respond to those behaviors.  For more challenging or persistent behaviors, our BCBA will employ a more formalized approach to assessment and intervention involving classroom and related service staff in the development of a behavior plan that seeks to maximize opportunities for success and effective participation in learning experiences.  Importantly, this is an area where effective and ongoing collaboration with the entire team is of paramount importance so as to ensure that a consistent approach is being systematically employed throughout the curriculum.

All children present with behaviors of one type or another and oftentimes in a variety of settings.  Communication with the family about home-based behaviors is an important element of our behavioral support strategy.  It is also not unusual for our staff to communicate with home/community-based service personnel to more formally coordinate both assessment and treatment.  Consistency of approach is vitally important in this area of development, and we make every effort to ensure that our staff is coordinating effectively with the home and community-based staff.