Directions to Voorhees Campus

Kingsway Learning Center

1000 Voorhees Drive
Voorhees, NJ 08043

  1. The easiest route to the new building is via Interstate 295. Access I-295 at your closest point and proceed to Exit 32, Haddonfield-Berlin Road toward Voorhees-Gibbsboro.
  2. Proceed on Haddonfield-Berlin Road approximately 2.6 miles to Voorhees Drive. Turn right on Voorhees Drive. Voorhees Drive is on the right only, there is a traffic light there and Eagle Plaza strip Mall with an ACME Market on the right-hand side.
  3. Proceed approximately 0.3 miles and turn left into the entrance to Kingsway Learning Center. Keep to the right driving in front of the building until you see the main entry near the Japanese Garden under the Kingsway Learning Center sign.
  4. Park anywhere and proceed to the front door. There is a column on the right of the walkway and you will need to press the communication button above the metal push plate to ask Marsha Rodan for entrance into the building. You will be able to see Marsha clearly through the large windows to the right. Once you enter the building, you will also have to pick up the phone and be beeped in a second time. This double entry process is identical to what we had in place in Haddonfield, but will be somewhat new to those of you from our Moorestown Campus who only had to be “beeped” in once.